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Back To School Eye Exams In Mentor Ohio

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Why You Should Not Procrastinate About Back To School Eye Exams

Before beginning any discussion about pediatric eye exams, it is always important to state the recommendations of the AOA, the American Optometric Association. They recommend that every child should have their first eye exam at 6 months of age, followed by another at 3 years of age, and before entering first grade. Following those three children without glasses should visit every two years and children with glasses or contact lenses should have an eye exam every year.

Why is a kids eye exam so important?

Pediatric eye exams are critical, as a child’s vision is their gateway to the world around them. Approximately 20% of kids have vision issues that affect their learning, by catching that early on you save your child from the feelings of inadequacy and the need to struggle in reading and school. Furthermore, a child’s vision impairs can affect not only reading but also seeing the board, focusing on homework, sports, and even social acceptance. Not only is it important to detect vision issues early on to help kids to learn, but early detection can also prevent serious vision loss later in life.

My child is Nearsighted, now what?

It used to be that a child that is nearsighted (has myopia) would get glasses every year and be sent on their way. However, over the past 10-20 years, research has definitively shown that children with medium or high myopia are at increased risk for serious eye diseases later in life. For example a child with high myopia, -6 and above, is 2200 times more likely to have retinal detachment over their life. A pediatric eye exam identifies the need for myopia control to slow down the progression of nearsightedness and protect your child from future vision loss.