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6 Tips for Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam


Before you start prepping your child for an eye exam, you may be wondering –  when is the right time for the first visit to a kid’s eye doctor near me? Contrary to what many parents think, you shouldn’t wait until your child complains of a vision problem before booking the first eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association, all children should visit a pediatric eye doctor for a routine eye exam before age 5, and then after age six, exams should be scheduled regularly every two years.

Of course, if you’ve received teacher’s feedback that your child is having trouble learning to read, or you noticed she is squinting to see the TV or computer, then it’s essential to book an eye exam as soon as possible! Don’t let an undetected vision problem interfere with your child’s development or enjoyment of life. We are experts at performing specialized pediatric eye exams in Lee's Summit, Clinton, Sedalia, and Warrensburg, Missouri. With four different offices of Eyecare Specialties, we look forward to seeing you in the most convenient eye care center near me!

How to make your child’s eye exam as efficient as possible

Our kid’s eye doctor has prepared the following tips to help make your pediatric eye exam go smoothly –

  1. Pick a good time: Don’t book your child’s eye exam at a time of day when they are usually tired and grumpy.
  2. Gather all relevant information in advance: This includes bringing information about your child’s current medications, medical records of any health conditions, birth details (ie. premature birth or delayed development), vision conditions, known allergies and information about family eye history.
  3. Bring your questions: If you have any questions to ask, have a list handy so you don’t forget anything.
  4. Pay attention for any recent vision changes: Be on the lookout for any telltale signs of a visual problem, such as squinting, closing one eye, holding books close to the face, or a general inability to track objects or make eye contact. Also, it’s helpful to ask your kid if he’s been experiencing any difficulties with vision.
  5. Explain what to expect: Tell your child about every step of what to expect when going to the eye doctor for a pediatric eye exam. For example, explain in plain words how the doctor will look into their eyes and ask them to identify pictures or shapes. When kids know the basics of what’s going to happen, it eases their anxiety.
  6. Stay by your child’s side: Make sure your child knows that she won’t be left along with the eye doctor, and you’ll be in the room the whole time. You may even want to bring along a favorite doll or toy for them to hold; this can be calming, as well as keep their hands away from the equipment. During the testing, reassure your kid that everything the eye doctor is doing is in order to keep their vision clear and healthy.

Early eye care is essential!

Pediatric eye exams can spot vision problems early, and the sooner you start corrective treatments – the more likely your child will cooperate. Take care of your kid’s eye health by booking regular visits to our expert eye care centers in Lee's Summit, Clinton, Sedalia, and Warrensburg, Missouri.

At Eyecare Specialties, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 816-317-0012 or book an appointment online to see one of our Lee's Summit eye doctors.

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