Scleral Lenses For Post-LASIK, Post-PRK, And Post-RK Surgery In Lee's Summit, Missouri

About LASIK & Post LASIK Ectasia


As a whole, LASIK or laser vision correction is safe and effective. Most LASIK surgeons today use corneal topographers to map the cornea and measure its thickness to ensure better results from any laser vision correction.

While the prospects are good for LASIK candidates, eye complications can — and continue to — occur, such as post-LASIK ectasia, a corneal distortion or irregularity that causes the cornea to weaken and bulge.

Those with surgery complications develop vision problems which cannot be fully corrected using glasses or soft contact lenses, as the shape of their eye cause the lenses to easily dislodge. For those people, scleral lenses offer a more comfortable, secure fit and improved vision.

Speak with Dr. Kyle Johnson at Optometric Associates Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center to find out how scleral lenses can help you see clearly and comfortably again.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses For Post-LASIK, Post-PRK, And Post-RK Surgery

Why Wear Specialty Contact Lenses For Post-Surgery Complications?

Patients With Corneal Aberrations
Patients with corneal aberrations typically experience poor vision. Fortunately, scleral lenses are customized hard lenses that provide clear vision and all-day comfort. For more information on how scleral lenses can help those with post-LASIK surgery or to set up a consultation, contact Dr. Kyle Johnson.

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