Patient Bill of Rights

It’s important to us that we both protect your rights, and make sure you understand them. You may not have these guarantees at other practices!

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Return Policy

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Return Policy

For the most part, the professional fees for services rendered are not refundable, because the service was already completed. This includes payments for eye exams or contact lens fittings.

However, products may be returned for a partial or total refund, depending on the circumstances:

  • Eyeglasses lenses are custom-made and non-refundable, but we’re happy to correct any issues.
  • Eyeglasses frames can be exchanged, if within 30 days of purchase and in perfect condition.
    • If new lenses are required for the new frame, a lab service charge will be applied for 20% of the lens cost.
  • Contact lenses can be returned if the original packaging isn’t opened or written on.
  • Low vision aids can be returned with the original packaging, for a 20% restocking fee.

Policy for Making New Lenses for a Patient’s Old Frame

We can sometimes put new lenses in old frames, with these limitations:

  • We cannot be responsible for breakage when reusing a patient’s old frame to manufacture and insert new lenses. We use the utmost care if we accept a patient’s frame, but in rare cases, the frame parts or materials will be worn and brittle to the point of not supporting a new lens.
  • We cannot guarantee repair later. Older frames are usually discontinued by the manufacturer, and replacement parts aren’t available.
  • If a patient’s frame breaks during our handling, the purchase of a new frame is the patient’s expense. We may have to discard the first pair of lenses made for the old frame, but no additional charges are assessed for lenses.
Policy for Making New Lenses for a Patient’s Old Frame

We Treat Our Patients Right

We’re dedicated to providing you with eye care you can trust. We want you to feel comfortable returning your eyewear if you aren’t satisfied so you can shop confidently.

Progressive Addition Lens Non-Adapt Policy

Progressive Addition Lens Non-Adapt Policy

Progressive addition lenses (also called invisible or no-line bifocals/multifocals) all come with slight optical distortion at the edges of the lens. Additionally, the reading zone of these lenses is wide enough for most users but is narrower than other bifocals.

The majority of people aren’t bothered by these characteristics, but some may find them unacceptable after 1-2 weeks of trying to adjust to these lenses.

If you can’t comfortably adapt to progressive addition lenses, we will make new lenses in any other design that you wish, at no charge as long as it is within 30 days of dispensing. Because the original lenses were custom-made, we cannot refund the difference in cost if the new lenses are of lesser value.

Eyeglasses Rx Changes

For prescriptions written by other optometrists:

  • Eyeglass lenses will be remade one (1) time at no charge, if the prescribing doctor provides a new prescription in writing within 30 days of dispensing.

For prescriptions by doctors at Eyecare Specialties:

  • We provide an office visit to recheck the prescription, and new lenses will be made at no charge, within 30 days of dispensing.
  • Rechecks after 30 days will be charged the usual fee for a brief exam.

If an Eyecare Specialties prescription is filled elsewhere, and an Rx change is needed, we cannot be responsible for any charges incurred. You will have to follow the optical dispensary’s policies.

Eyeglasses Rx Changes

About Your Insurance

There are two types of health insurance that can help you pay for eye care services or optical products, and we accept most plans in both categories:

  • Vision plans — VSP, Eye Med, etc. These cover routine vision wellness exams, eyeglasses, and contacts.
  • Medical insurance — Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, etc. These cover medical eye care to diagnose, manage, or treat eye conditions.

If you have both insurances, we can sometimes bill some services to one plan, and some to the other. We do this “coordination of benefits” to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. You will be billed for anything not covered by insurance, deductibles, and co-pays.

Please provide insurance cards at the front desk so we can make a copy for current and future billing. We will always notify you and get your approval before billing any insurance plan.

Our Policies Make Sure Your Clear Sight Comes with Peace of Mind

If you aren’t satisfied with your eyewear, you deserve to have it fixed. You can have peace of mind when you shop eyeglasses or sunglasses with us.


- P.M.

“I was referred by my brother and sister-in-law when I had searched for an eye care specialist, and I am so grateful that I was referred to Eyecare Specialties! Dr. Susie is wonderful and she cares about her patients. The staff is great, pleasant, and very helpful! I would highly recommend bypassing discount eye care places that are like people factories. They only care in selling discounted eyewear, with discounted care. I would highly recommend Eyecare Specialties, Dr. Susie and her staff to anyone, GREAT experience!”

- J.B.

“Everyone is great to work with! Dr. Suzy is very personable, works great with kids and adults, explains everything thoroughly. Sam on the floor is amazing – love having her help us with our glasses et. al! Thank you all for the great care for myself and my kiddos!!!”

- C.G.

“Absolutely love Dr. Lake! Her & her staff were so great with my son that I became a customer myself and then brought my mom on as a customer as well! Highly recommend!”

- V.W.

“Wonderful staff and service by all!!!! Everyone is always so very cheerful and polite!!!! Dr. Susie always goes above and beyond!!!! I would highly recommend Eyecare Specialties!!!!!”

- S.T.

“My son had his yearly eye appt recently. It came at the right time as two weeks prior he developed a bilateral eye tic. Having never experienced this, I was very stressed and worried for my son. Dr. Susan Lake set my mind at ease and made me feel so much better about what was going on. I really appreciate her talking to me parent to parent and not doctor to patient. I left the clinic feeling 100% better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Susan Lake and all her staff at Eyecare Specialists.”