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Susan Lake, O.D.

Locations Served: Lee’s Summit, Warrensburg

Dr. Susan Lake completed her undergrad in Biology at the University of Nebraska before working for an optometrist in college made her fall in love with the position’s combination of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and family time. She went on to earn her Doctor of Optometry from Southern College in Memphis, and complete a fellowship in Pediatric Vision Care, before founding Eyecare Specialties with her husband, Dr. Jason Lake, O.D.

Today, Dr. Susan Lake is Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy, with a strong pediatric emphasis and a love of treating patients over 65 as well. She’s a compassionate communicator who’s just as capable of explaining a child’s eye care to them and their parents in the exam room as she is speaking to professional groups about the importance of early recognition of vision problems. Dr. Susan Lake prioritizes making a genuine connection with her patients and coworkers, not only because it creates a welcoming environment, but also because it allows her to personalize her care to each patient.

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Get to Know Dr. Susan Lake

A Nebraska native, Dr. Susan Lake has always had a great love for her home, wherever that has been over the years. She loves the work-life balance that running an optometry practice with her husband has brought her and writes about splitting her time between her work as an eye doctor and raising her three daughters on the blog Babyfocals.com.

While she considers her coworkers to be family in many ways, Dr. Susan Lake also takes time to get out on the lake with her husband and daughters for some quiet “immediate family” bonding time. While she, her husband, and the kids reset, they also love to take boat rides or go water skiing — any excuse to enjoy the water.

A Master of Pediatric Optometry

Our littlest patients love seeing Dr. Susan Lake! She’s always thorough and friendly as she gives your kids the age-specific eye care they need.


Eye Care Testimonials

- P.M.

“I was referred by my brother and sister-in-law when I had searched for an eye care specialist, and I am so grateful that I was referred to Eyecare Specialties! Dr. Susie is wonderful and she cares about her patients. The staff is great, pleasant, and very helpful! I would highly recommend bypassing discount eye care places that are like people factories. They only care in selling discounted eyewear, with discounted care. I would highly recommend Eyecare Specialties, Dr. Susie and her staff to anyone, GREAT experience!”
Eye Care Testimonials

- J.B.

“Everyone is great to work with! Dr. Suzy is very personable, works great with kids and adults, explains everything thoroughly. Sam on the floor is amazing – love having her help us with our glasses et. al! Thank you all for the great care for myself and my kiddos!!!”
Eye Care Testimonials

- C.G.

“Absolutely love Dr. Lake! Her & her staff were so great with my son that I became a customer myself and then brought my mom on as a customer as well! Highly recommend!”
Eye Care Testimonials

- V.W.

“Wonderful staff and service by all!!!! Everyone is always so very cheerful and polite!!!! Dr. Susie always goes above and beyond!!!! I would highly recommend Eyecare Specialties!!!!!”
Eye Care Testimonials

- S.T.

“My son had his yearly eye appt recently. It came at the right time as two weeks prior he developed a bilateral eye tic. Having never experienced this, I was very stressed and worried for my son. Dr. Susan Lake set my mind at ease and made me feel so much better about what was going on. I really appreciate her talking to me parent to parent and not doctor to patient. I left the clinic feeling 100% better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Susan Lake and all her staff at Eyecare Specialties.”