Eye-Opening Careers at Eyecare Specialties

Eyecare Specialties is committed to providing thorough eye exams, compassionate patient care, and affordable luxury eyewear to our patients. If you’re a motivated individual who understands the importance of specialty eye care, you could be a great candidate for our team!
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Why Work at Eyecare Specialties?

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An Enthusiastic Team & Friendly Atmosphere

At Eyecare Specialties, our patients are our utmost priority. Our dedicated team is consistently prepared to go above and beyond to cater to both our community and colleagues. Every member of our team plays a crucial role in providing an exceptional customer experience — we understand that even great eye care takes a village.
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Comprehensive Benefits

We offer a competitive benefits package, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • 401k matching
  • Paid time off
  • Employee discounts
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You Should Apply If…

  • you embody our core values of fun, showing up, excellence, integrity, consistency, and service.
  • you desire career growth, quality experience, and an optical family to help you grow.
  • you are able to wear many hats and are looking for a place you can join for the long haul.

Looking for a Satisfying Career?

Open Positions

Eyecare Specialties is looking for those who are passionate about eye care to join our staff. Explore our open positions below!


This position is for an Optician (We will TRAIN you)

As an Optician at Eyecare Specialties, you will contribute to our success by learning what is unique and exceptional about our lenses and frames and be able to sell them to our patients with the highest level of service. Your personality type is one that likes to be on the move constantly and ALWAYS learning.You are at your best when you are hustling though a non-stop day of service to our patients, your fellow staff and your individual growth. Without people like you, our business ceases to thrive and/or exist.

We offer health care, dental and vision benefits, offer free annual eye exams, free glasses and/or contacts, paid holidays/paid leave, and a generous 401K retirement package.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Act as a company ambassador and embody the ECS core values of FUN, WE SHOW UP, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, CONSISTENCY, and SERVICE.
  • Study—both with in-office training and a desire to learn this business on your own as well. This is not a job…this is a CAREER.
  • Ensure our glasses and contact lenses are sold, ordered and dispensed with excellence, following our systems and selling the products we believe in and have trained you on.
  • Keep a clean workspace. Not just as in “tidy” but as in free from gossip and mental clutter.Spread positivity, not rumors.
  • Help out your neighbor. We work as a team.We thrive as a group.
  • Show up on time and ready to work. Repeat daily.Throwing up? Stay home.Have sniffles?We have Kleenex, even the fancy kind with lotion built-in—come to work.

You are:

  • A self-starter. You love to garner information and learn. You will read industry magazines for the simple hope of learning something that would allow you serve just one patient better.
  • Looking for a CAREER. This is a position that takes several months of training before you are able to properly serve our patients. If you are looking for a one year or even two year gig…keep looking. We want people to join our FAMILY and stay long-term.
  • Open to self-development. We push people to be their best at work and in their personal lives. We don’t let you be lazy or complacent.
  • Able to work under high pressure. This place gets extremely busy.That’s all there is to it.Chaos happens but you need to rise above it and remain positive and smiling. Always smiling.
  • Not afraid of sales. This is a sales job. No way around it.

You have:

  • A servant’s heart. It is the one thing that defines the successful people in our company. This job is not easy but it is extremely rewarding.
  • Physical Stamina.It is shockingly tiring to do this work and you will move constantly.
    offer free annual eye exams, free glasses and/or contacts, paid holidays and paid leave, and a generous 401K retirement package.
  • An understanding that VISION is so precious and that we consider ourselves blessed beyond measure to play a part in making it as clear as it can be.

Optometric Pre-technician

An Optometric Assistant/technician is the “information gatherer” before the patient sees the doctor. They use instruments and document a LOT of information. Precision and attention to detail are essential. An ability to learn large amounts of information is required. Here are some requirements more difficult to describe:

  1. Know that you will move/work All.Day.Long. This is not a job for anyone who gets easily overwhelmed or for anyone physically unable to be on their feet for 8 hour days.
  2. Have an OVERLY positive attitude. You will meet all kinds of people in this work and not all are happy. We love them all anyway, we SERVE them all anyway. If you get upset if someone is short or tense with you, this is not a job for you.
  3. Be a team player. We are building a company based on communication and teamwork. If you don’t like to ask for help or struggle with an overuse of the phrase…”that’s not my job”,…this is not the job for you.
  4. Have a desire to grow both personally and professionally. Most people who struggle in our company do so because they want an easy job that they clock in and clock out of daily with little to no personal growth. When you are home we want you enjoying your home life, but when you are at work, we want you engaged, we want you excited to learn and grow. Anyone can push buttons and run reports…we want someone who believes that they should never stop learning. If you want “easy” or “relaxed”, this is not the job for you. We believe that service at it’s BEST is an active quality…it takes constant effort which will never be easy but will be hugely rewarding.
  5. Don’t be dramatic. If you’ve been told you are a high drama person…please don’t apply. If you’re highly sensitive or averse to hard work, call in absent frequently, or have ever been told that you struggle to honor your word or lack follow-through…seriously…don’t apply.

We offer health care, dental and vision benefits, offer free annual eye exams, free glasses and/or contacts, paid holidays/paid leave, and a generous 401K retirement package.


Eyecare Specialties is excited to announce that we are seeking a full-time Front Desk Clerk and biller to join our team.

Responsibilities include welcoming all incoming patients and monitoring patient flow, answering telephones, scheduling and confirming patient appointments, offering services to patients, processing insurance information, communicating with staff and patients and appropriately billing and processing insurance and collecting payments for services. Must have a cheerful, happy, high energy personality. Many people see a job opportunity for “front desk” and read “greeter”…this is not that job. This is a very fast-paced position that requires constant focus and a servant’s heart. This is one of the highest stress level positions in the company–apply if you want to be challenged for growth and to care for people constantly. We don’t hire cranky or lazy. Only apply if you have a desire to be a part of a team that shows up and works hard every hour of every day and works to serve each other as well as our patients.

We have a high expectation on reliable attendance…we understand that sometimes life is busier and there are seasons where people are pulled to call in to their places of employment more frequently. If you are in one of these seasons of life, please don’t apply. This office is a small team and we need all hands on deck to offer the superior service and care for our patients that we insist upon.

Eyecare Specialties offers a team-oriented work environment and competitive compensation package, with benefits including: Health care, dental and vision benefits, offer free annual eye exams, free glasses and/or contacts, paid holidays/paid leave, and a generous 401K retirement package.

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