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Let Us Give You Relief from Dry Eye Discomfort

The pain, burning, redness, itchiness, and light sensitivity caused by dry eye disease can interfere with your life — and you’re not alone. According to research, dry eye and its persistent irritation impacts up to 15% of Americans.1

The most effective way to tackle your dry eye disease is to see a specialist for a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor should check your entire eye to analyze what factors are fueling your disease: because there are several causes of dry eye, including lack of tears, blocked glands, or inadequate tears, you need an attentive professional to find your root cause.That attention and expertise are what Eyecare Specialties is known for. Our advanced diagnostics and highly trained doctors take the time to pinpoint the cause of your dry eye disease and tailor a treatment that provides you with complete relief.

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Why Choose Eyecare Specialties

Eyecare Specialties is your home for affordable luxury eye care: no matter what your vision requires, we have quality solutions for you. We work closely with each patient to make sure they’re seeing as clearly and comfortably as they possibly can and offer extensive options for all your needs. Dry eye requires different treatments and eyewear depending on the cause and case — so we offer a wide array of dry eye-friendly eyewear, in-office dry eye treatments, and at-home management solutions for fast and lasting relief.

man suffering from dry eye
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How We Can Treat Your Dry Eye Disease

There are several ways to treat dry eye disease and, depending on your cause, our doctors will design a treatment plan for you that may include:

  • Adjustments to your lifestyle: Changing certain things about your daily regimen in favor of healthier eating, drinking more water, and exercise can stimulate tear production.
  • Fortify your eyes: Nutritional supplements, such as vitamin A, D, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids, can boost the quality of your tears and complete eye health.
  • iLux® in-office treatment: iLux® is an innovative technology that applies heat and intermittent pressure to unblock your eyelid glands and help you produce healthier tears.
  • At-home solutions: Some over-the-counter or prescription eye drops and artificial tears can help with the immediate relief of dry eyes.

Why People Love Eye Care Specialties

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- D.B.

This eye care business is all about you, your vision, and your health as it pertains to your vision. They do everything that is necessary to keep you safe and healthy while you are there. The staff is very polite, friendly and helpful. They are very thorough on your exam and making sure you understand everything. They listen to your statements and your questions. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I really value that highly

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- T.H.

“Wow! If you’re looking for an eye doctor check this place out first! I walked in without an appt and a new patient. They got me in in about 20 minutes, not that they weren’t busy, just willing to work with me. And then the doctor was professional but also made me feel comfortable. The assistants were very pleasant but still professional. I have to say this is the best eye care facility I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend”

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- A.T.

“Love this entire facility. Locally owned and operated but VERY knowledgeable with up to date equipment. They have a large showroom of glasses with a lot of options. Very reasonable costs. I highly recommend them.”

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