Vision Therapy Services

Attain Visual Strength With Help

If you’re experiencing difficulties performing visual tasks, it’s time to seek help. Schedule an eye exam at Eyecare Specialties to see with strength and clarity with our comprehensive vision therapy program – available at our Warrensburg  and  Lee’s Summit locations only.



What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a personalized program designed to improve eye dexterity, tracking, visual functions, perception, and eye skills. It’s crucial to improve the communication between your eyes and brain for effective visual processing. Our approach strengthens neural connections through evaluations, exercises, activities, and advanced technology, addressing issues from traumatic brain injuries to amblyopia (lazy eye).

Elderly man receiving Eye Care at Eyecare Specialties

Vision Therapy Benefits

Individuals of any age can benefit from vision therapy. If you experience light sensitivity, visual fatigue, double vision, dizziness, headaches, or have trouble with visualintensive activities, our therapy can help. If you have any of the following or your child does, schedule an appointment with us so that we can get started on crafting a treatment plan for your needs.

Conditions Treated by Vision Therapy

At Eyecare Specialties, our expert Dr. Kelsey Starman can treat a range of conditions with our advanced vision therapy program tailored to you. We can treat binocular vision dysfunction, strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia or lazy eye, traumatic brain injuries, and ocular delays.
By retraining your brain, we can correct eye misalignment that leads to crossed eyes, improve amblyopia by enhancing eye coordination and reducing suppression, and working to restore
visual function and improve skills by creating compounding neural growth that helps relieve strain. Overall, we can improve eye tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and visual acuity.
Please note that vision therapy does not improve your prescription, but rather improves how your eyes function in relation to your brain, as visual prescriptions have more to do with the length of the cornea than the brain-eye connection.

A doctor having conversation with her patient
Dr. Kelsey Starman

Our Vision Therapy Specialist:
Dr. Kelsey Starman

Dr. Kelsey Starman, our vision therapy specialist, earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from Nova Southeastern College of Optometry and completed her residency at Wow Vision Therapy, focusing on pediatric vision care and alignment disorders. With extensive experience in visual rehabilitation, especially for traumatic brain injuries and children’s vision disorders, Dr. Starman is committed to delivering exceptional care through vision therapy.

Don’t live life struggling to make sense of your vision — schedule an appointment today to get started on the path to healthier sight!